About Astral Driving School

About Astral Driving School

Astral Driving School is based in Limerick, Ireland on the beautiful and Majestic River Shannon. The City is undergoing an amazing transformation as the Second Stage of the Celtic Tiger Economy grows ever stronger. Similar growth is being experienced in all major Urban Areas throughout Ireland.

All of this means a phenomenal increase in the number of new vehicles on the roads throughout the country, a good proportion of which are piloted by Learner Drivers.

The Principal of the School is Robin Piggott, a Professional Driver with four decades of experience both in Ireland and in England. He has spent a lifetime behind the wheel of both Cars and Vans and behind the scenes making sure they all run smoothly. He actually started his Driving Career as a Van Driver for the well known Multi National Hygiene Services Company. Initial Services which is now owned by Rentokil an even more renowned company with hundreds of vehicles on the Roads of Europe. Prior to the Initial days Robin cut his teeth on Irish roads as a Partner in a Company supplying services all over Ireland and in two or three years built up an extensive knowledge of the road network and a level of skill that would have taken the average driver at least a decade!

Any Company with a Fleet of vehicles on the road every day of the year knows a thing or two about Motor Vehicles…Trucks; Vans and Company Cars of all shapes and sizes. Anyone involved in the Transport Department of such an Organisation, whether in the front line or behind the scenes pulling the strings and making sure all is well oiled, gets to know rather quickly the importance of Safe Driving principles and care of Vehicles and the need for strict maintenance procedures.

Local Driving Lessons in Dublin, Ireland

If you need driving lessons in the Dublin are within your specific location we have some of the best Dublin driving instructors trained by “Become a Driving Instructor” in the following locations:

Based in Dublin in the early seventies Robin moved on to Transport Supervisor then Service Representative and finally Branch Manager of the new Limerick branch in 1979 where he taught the first new raw recruits the rudimentaries of Safe Driving and Vehicle Care. When your very existence depends on you getting that vehicle out of the gate in the morning and back home safely at night then nothing can be left to chance.

If you have read this short biography you will have some idea of the depth of experience that Robin brings to the School, not to mention the passion for details that is passed on to all Pupils. You can of course buy information and knowledge but you cannot buy what is Priceless— Experience! You can however Listen and Learn and take note!

Fast forward to the year 2000 and after much planning and further training, followed by examinations, Astral Driving School was formed and is now in the process of moving into new Areas of Driver Training as well as the traditional services provided to Learner Drivers.

The valuable resource that you have come across now…our Newly upgraded Web Site should be visited frequently if you are a Learner or novice Driver or even visiting Ireland for the first time. This site will continue to grow and provide an invaluable resource for all Drivers, Parents of new Drivers, New Immigrants Driving on Irish roads for the first time and those about to take that first step to Automotive Freedom.

We are sure that you will find plenty to not only keep you occupied but also to stimulate your own desires to Learn More and to stay Safe