Advanced Beginner Lessons

Advanced Beginner Lessons

Having completed your first two modules or stages it is time to consider your In-Depth Driving Test preparation. Here is where you will sink or swim!

The reason why we have such a mediocre first time pass rate is precisely because candidates don’t prepare adequately and give themselves sufficient time to cover all the bases.

A first time pass is earned by hard graft… not by wishing and hoping!

What is sufficient time? Well you need to be practising and fine tuning all the skills you have learnt previously at least a month before the Driving Test.

Do not ring up your Instructor one week from the Test and expect to pass! There have been exceptions on my pupil roster but they are few and far between.

In any case it may not be possible for your instructor to facilitate you at such short notice so think ahead!

So you should budget for perhaps 8 to 10 hours tuition during this phase. This will give your Instructor a chance to assess your weak points and have enough time to help you correct them and also time to really excel in your stronger skills area.

Most important of all is the need to familiarise yourself with your particular Test Centre and its surrounding area taking particular note of all road works, new roundabouts, and traffic flows at different times of day.

There is a wealth of items that deserve your attention in the lead up to the Driving Test and added together will give you a much better chance of a successful result..

We will go into greater detail of these important points on another page and we have articles specifically designed to help you in your quest.

This phase of your Driving Career is best summed up by the word:-

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Preparation — Application — Illumination — Determination

Put them all together and you will be discarding your Provisional License for ever!

Yes… I know… we all have our stories of the cranky examiner and the thunderstorm and the hundred and one other reasons why we failed the Test (Oh I nearly forgot The Government is high on the list of reasons …they are at fault for most of our ills?)