Complete Beginner Lessons

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The Complete beginner should first read the Theory Test and Provisional License pages to acquaint themselves with all that these items entail.

Learning to Drive need not be a harrowing experience nor should it be viewed as a lengthy drawn out affair. Providing you take Professional Lessons at the outset you will be able to drive competently within a few weeks, following completion of Module one which runs for approximately Ten Hours.

At this point you will have covered all the Theory and Technical requirements to be safe on the road but of course you will have a long way to go to reaching driving Test Standard.

During this first module you will experience plenty of reversing manoeuvres, a high speed run on a carriageway which will test several new skills, including a firm understanding of the importance of correct fifth gear usage.

Or if you are planning on buying a Mini or an Alfa Romeo…sixth gear!

Most beginner drivers are of the opinion that the Driving Test is all that is going to be required to be a skilful and competent driver.

Passing the current Irish Driving Test is certainly much more difficult than a few years ago but it is not yet up to the highest of European Standards and should be regarded as just the start of the Learning process that will continue throughout your driving career.

It is only the beginning not the end of the process of being a competent and courteous Driver.

Even if you do pass the Test at your first attempt (and many do not) it will be several years before you can say that you are becoming a reasonably experienced and safe driver. This can only be achieved with very regular driving under all conditions imaginable and this of course takes time.

It is a very different kettle of fish to be driving on a beautiful summer evening with everyone at home watching the International Soccer on T.V and battling with a howling gale on an Irish Country road in the middle of winter!

Parents, boyfriends, firlfriends or other relatives should be completely absent during this beginner phase since they are not equipped to impart the up-to-date skills needed to survive in the driving world that we have today.

They may not even have taken a Driving Test themselves and invariably will be displaying many of the poor habits that lead to many of today’s accidents. After the first phase then by all means enrol some additional help in the form of an accompanying driver as you venture further afield in your driving adventures.

Advanced professional tuition at this early stage is vital to Your safety on the road and that of other road users.