Intermediate Beginner Lessons

Intermediate Beginner Lessons

Let’s get one thing straight right away shall we? The longer you have been driving without the foundation of professional lessons from the outset, the further away you are getting from passing the Driving Test first time… It’s a fact and is born out by my own experience over the last number of years!

Without proper tuition and attention to the simple basics, which are always taught by a Professional Instructor, you will be gaining bad and dangerous habits faster than a Jet Fighter on its take-off.

Good and safe driving habits after Driving Lessons Tallaght have to be learnt; they do not come automatically as a result of spending X number of hours behind the wheel!

The Intermediate stage in a novice drivers’ learning process can be very much improved if there is a solid foundation already in place.

This stage is where you continue to practise and experience the basic, every day situations but then add more and more complexity to your manoeuvres in a wider variety of scenarios.

This can be driving at night as opposed to during the day; driving in heavier traffic conditions; for example during morning and evening rush hours and more higher speed trips on the carriageway utilising all the entry and exits points.

Roundabouts, which cause so many drivers, so many problems, need to be tackled head on during this phase and practised constantly from all approaches and under all traffic conditions.

There are about 12 versions from one Test Centre in Ireland and about 7 on another Test Centres’ patch.

They vary greatly in size, volume of traffic and number of exits so at lot of work to do in this particular arena.

As a maximum you have only 8 faults to play with on the Driving Test and it’s absolutely no good being excellent at most manoeuvres and poor at one or two others because it will be these inadequately performed actions that will play the major role in whether you pass or fail.

If during this early period of your driving career you are fortunate to have your own car then if you want to give yourself a fighting chance of passing the Test first time then you need to enrol with a driving school that will help you to get the best out of that car.

Becoming very used to your car and what it will or won’t be capable of (in your hands) is an integral part of setting yourself up for the final phase module which is In-Depth Preparation for the Test.

It’s absolutely no use whatsoever attempting to sit the Driving Test without graduating from modules one and two first. With this skill under your belt you will then be able to fully appreciate what your Instructor is teaching you in respect of the Driving Test details which will include Test Protocols, Hot Spots, Danger Zones and unusual occurrences that you can expect in a particular area.