Practise Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Every Learner Driver is different… every Learner Driver has different motivations… every Learner Driver has skills that they didn’t know they possessed (yes it’s true!)… every Learner Driver has difficulties with one or more techniques and every Learner Driver learns at a different rate.

Oh yes we nearly forgot.

Every Learner Driver has a different aspiration and every Learner Driver has a different Budget (painful one this part!)

Now we have that out of the way you can see (hopefully) that the process of becoming a competent Beginner Driver is likely to be a very different experience to your best friends’, your next door neighbours’, and your Husband, Wife or Partner!

So don’t be influenced by what they have been up to …decide for yourself what your aims and Goals are and go for it!

DO you want to Pass your Driving Test in the Shortest possible time?
DO you want to just cover the basics and take your time in Passing the Driving Test.?
DO you want to be totally sure of yourself because you are about to carry young children?
DO you want to impress your friends with your new found skills(after the Driving Test.)?
DO you want to be totally free to travel when and where you want without having to rely on Family members or friends?
DO you want to be able to get to work without the nightmare of Public Transport or relying on sympathetic workmates?
DO you want to apply for that new job that requires you to have a full License?
Do you want to apply for that Job promotion that will get you on the road as a Representative?
Do you want to build that dream House in the Country and be able to get into the City more than once a week?
Do you want to be able to take the Little People to School without relying on your neighbour?
DO you want to be able to have more Holidays with the use of a car?
DO you want to visit the place of your Dreams that is inaccessible without a car?
DO you want to become a Professional Driver?
DO you want to be able to shop where you please instead of being tied to the local Supermarket?

Perhaps you would like to go to the beach when it pleases you, at a moments’ notice when the sun comes out?

Most of all… DO you want to stay Safe?

We have left this question till last since it is arguably the Most Important Goal we should have as Drivers!

It is amazing that some Drivers excel at Manoeuvres and Techniques that others struggle with or even have nightmares about. So you are not alone!

While it is said that Practise makes Perfect and this can be true in many skill achievements… in Driving we can never reach Perfection…we can reach a high degree of skill and achievement but Perfection will always be tantalisingly out of reach.

That’s not to say that we can’t strive for it; just that the skills required (that you can see on our blog) to be at the pinnacle of achievement will always need to be constantly upgraded and refined as the Driving Scene changes.

Regulations are constantly changing; Roads are constantly changing; Motor Technology is constantly changing and the number of Vehicles on the road is constantly changing.

So there you have it …it’s a lifetimes’ journey that will require you to be constantly upgrading your skills level in order to stay safe and accident -free.

In order to achieve a satisfactory level at an early stage in your Driving Career and to be able to improve as time goes on you must have a firm foundation on which to build.

That Firm Foundation is provided by A Driving School and not by Friends Neighbours Boyfriends or Girlfriends Mums or Dads. A Driving Instructor is not in the business of Teaching to become a millionaire there are many much easier ways of reaching this kind of status…

He or She is there to pass on the skills and experience of a lifetime’s Driving and assist new Drivers to Stay Safe and to progress from being a Rookie to being a Competent , Safe and Courteous Driver especially if you would like to become a driving instructor.