The Driver Theory Test

Driving Theory Test

The Driver Theory Test was introduced in the Summer of 2001 and must be passed before you may apply for your first Provisional License.

The Test is a multiple-choice exam, taken on Computer with the pass-mark being 35 out of 40 questions! The scope of questions is not as extensive as the U.K test because there are many more variations of Road signs in the U.K. compared with the Republic Of Ireland.

Booking can be done on the phone at LoCall 1890 606106 for English Language and at 1890 606806 for Irish Language. You will usually be offered a test appointment within ten days or so.

In order not to waste time you should buy the CD-Rom or the Theory Test Book to study the questions before booking your Test.

It is not that difficult, providing you do some adequate study; and if you are really well organised you should be able to go straight to your local Motor Taxation Office after passing the Theory Test, and have your Provisional License the same day.

The Theory Test is just one of many aspects of European Driving Legislation that all Member States are required to comply with and certainly was way overdue!

There are more E.U. Directives in the pipeline relating to Driving Tests and standards and I am sure this scenario will continue for some time to come.

This is also similar to the theory test that driving instructor trainees would need to do if they want to become a driving instructor.